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Schwinn Training Wheels 16″ – 20″

August 12, 2013 - Comment

Tje product is Schwinn Training Wheels 16″ – 20″.

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Tje product is Schwinn Training Wheels 16″ – 20″.


MusicOdin says:

Please do not purchase these training wheels We are long time Amazon shoppers and love it, but these are the worst training wheels I’ve ever bought. My 6 year old daughter fell over after 15 seconds of riding because the training wheels just buckled (bent). Enough said.

J Woodruff says:

Schwinn Training Wheels 16″ – 20″ by Pacific Cycle These beauties arrived yesterday, heavy duty 3/16″ plated steel, yes, they will rust over time, and 3/8″ axles. The braces are turned at the edges for added strength and reinforced with rivited angled braces. The wheels should fail before the braces. Speaking of the wheels, the rubber tire material has that very unusual smell that kids solid bike tires seem to have these days. Its like, a very strong, funky, room freshener, best kept outside. These can’t be the poor quality training wheels others have spoken of. These training wheels would require several hundred pounds of direct down force to cause the brace to collapse, if assembled and installed correctly.

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